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Partial List Of Property Types Appraised

  • Vacant urban land including commercial, multi-family, industrial, office park, planned development, residential.
  • Vacant rural land including agricultural, residential, planned development, and mixed use.
  • Improved properties including residential, commercial, industrial, multi-family, shopping centers, planned developments, professional office buildings, medical office complexes, service stations, convenience stores, parking garage, Adult Congregate Living Facilities, branch banking facilities, fast food restaurants, ranches, citrus groves and waterfront residential property.
  • Special use properties including utility systems, plant nurseries, retention ponds, railroad rights-of-way, billboards, dairy farm, sod farm, citrus nurseries, golf course, blueberry farms, contaminated properties.
Experiences - Compass Real Estate Consulting, Inc. - Lakeland, FL

Partial List Of Eminent Domain Valuation Issue Experience

  • Inverse condemnation
  • Maps of Reservation
  • Probability of rezoning or change in Land Use Designation
  • Changes in grade and/or elevation
  • Various sizes and types of electrical transmission facilities
  • “Yellow Book” appraisals for federally-funded projects
  • Airport-related acquisitions
  • Partial interests including leasehold/leased fee, utility easements, drainage easements, construction easements, land leases, conservation easements
  • Impact studies for property adjoining landfills
  • Impact studies for real estate near sexually-oriented-businesses
  • Impact studies for property adjoining electrical lines
  • Impact studies for diminution in value

Partial takings resulting in:

  • Loss of, or change in, access
  • Business damages
  • Incurable damages
  • Partial taking of improvements
  • Changes in drainage patterns
  • Curable damages (cost to cure analysis)
  • Loss of parking
  • Changes in Highest and Best Use
  • Total taking of improvements

Specialized Valuation Issues:

  • Spoil banks and spoil easements
  • Drainage canals
  • Drainage easements
  • Elevated passenger expressways
  • Electrical substations
  • Development entry features and signage
  • Mangroves and wetland vegetation
  • Developments of Regional Impact
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Jurisdictional wetlands
  • Soil and/or groundwater contamination
  • Special governmental districts (i.e. hospital)
  • Airport noise and avigation/aviation easements
  • Spray effluent fields
  • Class I and III landfills
  • Prescriptive easements
  • Pipeline easements
  • Muck and unstable soils
  • Conservation Easements


Experiences - Compass Real Estate Consulting, Inc. - Lakeland, FL

Applications in Litigation Valuation: A Pragmatist’s Guide

Shawn E. Wilson, MAI
Contributing Author

Experiences - Compass Real Estate Consulting, Inc. - Lakeland, FL

The Appraisal Journal Volume LXXVII Winter 2009

Evaluating the Potential Impact of a Proposed Landfill
By Shawn E. Wilson, MAI

“Shawn Wilson and I worked together for many years and I found her to be extremely honest and an appraiser of high integrity.  Her intelligence is unsurpassed.”

– Richard G. Klusza, MAI, SRA

“Shawn Wilson’s understanding of and insight into the litigation process exceeds that of most of the experts I have worked with over the years. Her skill as a witness, in both the deposition and trial settings, is exemplary. In a post-trial conversation with jurors, several of the panelists were quite complimentary of Shawn. Whether in a litigation setting or otherwise, I can, without qualification, recommend Shawn Wilson as an expert in real estate valuation.”

– Mitchell Palmer, Esq.